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Jack Furlong and Scott Krasny are seasoned, skilled trial lawyers who have encountered nearly every permutation of legal dispute. As part of our case evaluation service, they will thoroughly vet your issue, recommend a range of options, and let you know if they are comfortable handling your claim or controversy. If not, they will help you select from only the best lawyers in their respective fields.

Lawyers are permitted to advertise, and they do. They purchase ads everywhere, from phone books to billboards. They buy labels, calling themselves “the best,” as though there are grades for competence. With the greatest respect for our colleagues, a note of caution is in order: don’t believe the hype. There are few metrics for excellence, and fewer restrictions on what lawyers can say about themselves.

We cut through that haze to find you a list of highly skilled lawyers for your case. If you’ve been injured, your best choice of lawyer is rarely the one with the tallest billboard. From medical malpractice to product liability to worker’s compensation, we know the lawyers with the proper skill sets. The same is true in commercial settings, where the most basic business transaction can present complex issues and if not handled correctly, unnecessary expense.

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