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Federal Criminal Appeals

Federal appellate practice is even more challenging than state practice. From entry of judgment, you have less than two full weeks to give notice of your intention to appeal, and you may have given up your right to appeal as part of plea negotiations. Federal appellate procedure is difficult, because federal courts are designed to discourage appeals. Federal clerks seek every opportunity to deny you access to a judge.
Knowledge of their many tripwires is critical: Not every lawyer can master the details.

Federal Appellate Process

Appeals of convictions after trial follow a course similar to state court proceedings. However, the United States Sentencing Guidelines have given rise to an entirely separate field of appellate practice relating to the calculation of an appropriate federal sentence.

Accomplished Appellate Attorneys with Decades of Experience

Regardless of the circumstances, we can help you navigate your way through this process with a minimum of anxiety and a maximum of insight into your chances for success.

Jack Furlong and Scott Krasny have spent decades as both retained and appointed counsel (under the “Criminal Justice Act”) for persons charged with federal crimes. They have filed, briefed and argued many appeals , and most of those briefs can be found through searches of 3rd Circuit archives. Contact Furlong and Krasny to see how we can help with your federal appellate matter. We are located in West Trenton, New Jersey, and serve clients throughout the United States.

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