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Attorney Malpractice, Certificates of Merit and Testimony

No lawyer wants to blame another for the failure of a system to honor a claim, the failure of a jury to redress a claim, or the failure of a court to understand a claim. But that same system should not tolerate a lawyer who fails to present a claim despite obvious opportunities to do so. Lawyers are human, and they make mistakes. Not every mistake equals professional malpractice.

However, if your lawyer fell below a standard of competence giving rise to a good faith cause of action, you will need an Affidavit of Merit signed by a lawyer prepared to offer an opinion on the negligence. Your new lawyer has 60 days to file the document once a complaint is filed, so getting an expert on board early can be critical. We work quickly, efficiently, and at reasonable rates.

If you’d like to know whether you have a cause of action, we can refer you to the best malpractice lawyers in the country. And if they need an Affidavit of Merit supporting your claim, we are well positioned to help.

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