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Complex Civil Litigation

Some cases require a more sophisticated approach. “Complex” civil litigation includes breakdowns in corporate affairs, leading to claims and counterclaims of misconduct, malfeasance, discrimination or defamation. Jack Furlong and Scott Krasny have spent over 75 years mastering the rules of business and government (often times the same thing), and what happens to those accused of violating them. Furlong and Krasny are competent litigators because they understand business as well as they do proof of facts and a successful litigation strategy. Whether you are the accused wrongdoer, the victim of wrongdoing, or simply in the wrong place by virtue of your standing within a company or government agency, we can protect you. 

Protecting Your Interests on All Fronts

In today’s environment, any allegation of wrongdoing subjects the accused to three avenues of liability simultaneously: Criminal, civil and administrative. For example, a corporate officer accused of diverting company funds might find himself the target of a federal grand jury investigation even as he faces a civil suit to recover the missing funds and administrative action by a government agency seeking to revoke his license to practice his trade or profession. We are attuned to the intricate interplay of these three avenues, and we are practiced at the art of avoiding inconsistent responses, which can damage one’s ability to obtain an optimal result. We invariably look for the global solution that puts the entire case to bed and your mind to rest.

But don’t take our internet word for it: Contact us at your convenience to discuss your situation with an attorney. Located in West Trenton, New Jersey, our lawyers represent clients in complex business cases throughout New Jersey and the region. We are confident we can offer you the broad range of advice and support to steer you through what can be extraordinarily challenging circumstances.

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