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We offer an extraordinary amount of experience, knowledge and skill for your criminal defense, white collar crime, family law, constitutional law, civil rights and personal injury matters.

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AV-Rated* New Jersey Criminal Defense And Civil Trial Lawyers

The law firm of Furlong and Krasny provides sophisticated trial representation in criminal defense and civil litigation, including civil rights, family law, personal injury and more complex cases. Mr. Furlong and Mr. Krasny are both certified criminal trial attorneys** and AV* rated.

Located in West Trenton, New Jersey, the firm represents clients in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey and the region. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our office.

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Impressive Trial Experience

John S. Furlong

Admitted to the New Jersey and federal bars in 1976, John S. Furlong has tried literally hundreds of cases to verdict, primarily in the defense of people accused of crimes. He has also litigated substantial civil cases, including complex insurance and financial frauds, libel and slander, civil rights issues, and Section 1983 matters involving a wide range of plaintiffs. Jack Furlong was among the earliest lawyers certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a criminal trial attorney. He has represented clients in United States District Courts in New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Tampa, and San Diego, all in addition to his federal practice in New Jersey. He has represented clients in various state courts outside New Jersey on a limited basis, primarily as a result of his nationally recognized expertise in defending the rights of sex offenders covered by Megan’s Law and the Adam Walsh Act.

Scott A. Krasny

Scott A. Krasny has had a distinguished career as a criminal and civil trial attorney. He possesses broad trial experience across the criminal and civil landscapes, including both state and federal courts. He has also established himself as a fierce defender of the rights of police officers charged with misconduct. Admitted to the New Jersey and federal bars in 1982, Scott Krasny has enjoyed success in trial courts from municipal DUI defense to complex racketeering cases in federal court. He has earned the respect of his professional peers as a consummate trial lawyer and advocate for his clients.

Qualified and Respected Professionals

The value and ability of any lawyer are difficult to quantify. There is no national database listing or ranking lawyers either in terms of cost or results. Lawyers do not maintain “batting averages” or “won-lost” records. Each case is unique, as is each client, so that record keeping of past performance will reveal little about one’s chances for success. How then, does one evaluate lawyers in search of the best or the most qualified for a particular case?

If your case is criminal, know this: We stand by our clients long after a judge or jury delivers a verdict. Whether a case is tried or negotiated to a plea agreement, we will work tirelessly for you until we have achieved your goals, whether they be a fair trial or a just result. If you receive a prison sentence, we can continue to represent you until you are released and your interactions with the criminal justice system fully end.

If your claim is civil, we will fight for your rights without fear or favor, and obtain results with your interests paramount. We work with our clients, not against them, keeping them fully informed at all critical stages of litigation.

Full-Service Law Firm

The phrase “full-service law firm” typically refers to the broadest spectrum of practice areas. To our lawyers, “full-service law firm” means we stay with your case from the moment you engage our services to the time when your need for our help is over, whether that be after a verdict, an appeal or even release from incarceration.

Federal Criminal and Grand Jury Practice

Jack Furlong and Scott Krasny have tried a number of substantial federal cases to verdict and both are intimately familiar with federal criminal practice. In addition,both have ample experience handling federal grand jury proceedings and complex criminal/corporate investigations, including those that lead to indictments.

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