Case Evaluations

At Furlong and Krasny, we know courts: how to get there, whom to bring, what to expect, and how to win. Tell us your story; we can help.

Jack Furlong and Scott Krasny lead a firm of no nonsense, hard working, results-oriented trial attorneys. We pride ourselves on our ability to master details that often elude less experienced lawyers. We will tell you what to expect, how to define a successful outcome, then do what it takes to accomplish your goals. We work on our own, as well as with other law firms and experts to coordinate comprehensive coverage of every contingency. Whether criminal or civil, if it's a trial you need, we can handle it.

Choosing a lawyer can be daunting. Choosing the right lawyer can be paralyzing. Talk to us. We will get you started on the road to understanding the dimensions of your problem and how to solve it. We are experienced enough to recognize we might not be the law firm you need, but we are also experienced enough to introduce you to those lawyers best able to provide the services you seek.

Here's the rationale.

Once upon a time, justice was a relatively straightforward business, where the common law could trace its roots to biblical and Greco-Roman origins. Rules were grounded in fundamental concepts like fairness, virtue, and respect for life and property. The modern criminal and civil justice systems have long since abandoned simplicity in favor of an arcane mix of statutes, regulations and obscure holdings, only some of which are available to the general public.

Navigating the landscape of licensing, agency action, even legislative relief in order to conduct business requires sophisticated professional help. Coping with catastrophic injury, economic loss, or threat to one's way of life, begs for the best representation available. America may be the land of the free, but it is ruled by the law of the expensive, and choosing the wrong lawyer can have dire consequences.

Contact our firm and bring us your case to review. For a nominal fee, we will talk to you, read your documents, and guide you through the steps necessary to bring or defend any action. We will explain various causes of action, the pitfalls of litigation, and what you can do to protect yourself going forward. If we don't think we are the right lawyers for you, we will recommend highly skilled lawyers from the field of lawyers who specialize in your type of case.

For example, we have referred medical malpractice cases after careful evaluation; product liability cases based on our knowledge of lawyers in this challenging field; business formation and transactions based on a long list of seasoned lawyers we have worked with in the past. In short, we bring our decades of experience to the table; you just bring yourselves.